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Meet John “the man” Rizza, president of the SnowSkippers.   John is known for his smile, his helping hand, running a great meeting and his sense of direction.    He got involved with the club to ensure local snowmobilers have a voice in order to maintain access and our right to ride on public lands.

  • Stucks 18%
  • Eight Ball Award 23%
  • Helping Others 94%

“My style of snowmobiling is to hold on and pray, …. no really tho, not sure how to answer this, maybe …. avalanche savvy backcountry enthusiast?”

Arne Summers is known for wearing shorts in the winter, being proud of his girls, his love of the sport and his ability to read, write and add.    We are proud to call him our secretary/treasurer.

  • Stucks 6%
  • Eight Ball Award 14%
  • Helping Others 98%
  • Sharing His Lunch 64%

Dale Hollingshead … what is there to say?    Life of the party, entertaining rider, never quite sure where he is, all around great guy.    Also our esteemed vice president.

  • Stucks 65%
  • Eight Ball Awards 74%
  • Helping out Others 100%
  • Making you laugh 105%

Andy “They Don’t Call Me Pathfinder For Nothing” Kelley can sometimes find himself a little lost.    He particularly loves to be lost on the side of an uncharted hill with beautiful trees surrounding him.     He prides himself in being the SARC coordinator.

  • Stucks 27%
  • Eight Ball Awards 6%
  • Helping out Others 88%
  • Finding You 100%

Danial Roop … known for his great smile, daring attitude, and amazing family!    He has snowmobiled forever and love to always be a bit on the edge.    He is our SAFARI LEADER and as such puts together our ride schedule.

  • Stucks 0%
  • Eight Ball Awards 56%
  • Helping out Others 100%
  • Ability to go anywhere 100%

Herb Else … known for his diehard involvement with the club, his organizational skills, and his ability to groom the ungroomable.    He makes sure our trails are groomed.    Our groomer!

  • Stucks 36%
  • Eight Ball Awards 12%
  • Helping out Others 90%
  • Making the open and smooth 100%