Fun riding on January 11 … up the Leon road, over to Monument rock for lunch, and then through meadows and trees eventually down Wilson.    The group of riders were split between the FAST and the SLOW… although I don’t consider myself slow once I saw who was in the fast group I knew where I should stay.    Eighteen slow riders and probably eight fast … we all met up for lunch at The Rock.


Our charming secretary, Arne, saying howdy.

Our safari leader Quint either checking out how deep the snow is or running after his sled after he was bucked off.

Below:    Women riders rule.

An incredible weekend thanks to Danial Roop!   The Black Mesa Lodge is tucked away in the most beautiful country.    Ten or so riders got the tour on both Saturday (cloudy, windy, and snowy) and on Sunday (Colorado blue sky and sunshine).     Danial led us from one untracked park to another.    Dancing through flocked trees we’d eventual emerge to an even better, bolder track free park.    We could have ridden forever.    If you missed this ride you really, really missed out.


Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness held an event at Perri’s Powersports on December 3, 2018.   The Snowskippers are proud to support this nonprofit and all they do to help educate riders of backcountry challenges and safety.    John Rizza, on behalf of the club, presented Brian Lundstedt of Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness with a $250 donation.


Can you identify your fellow club members?