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Next Scheduled Ride: 

Who knows where the snow will pile up deep first?

Whereever that may be, we will find it.


Complete Ride Schedule Below …..


Ride Schedule 2023/24
December 18 Mesa Top Parking Ride at 9:30 with Daniel leading


January 13 Christmas Party and ride out of Vega Starts at 9:30


January 20 Ride to The Burn with Andy Buzzard Creek Corrals leaving at 9:30

Burn Ride with Andy – We will leave out of the Buzzard Creek corrals and ride the Burn area.  We will go out to the south and have lunch at Electric Mountain Lodge providing they are open that day. Be ready to ride at 9:30.

January 27 All SAR Training

All SAR Training Day – There will be a training day for all SAR members out of the Mesa Top Parking on Grand Mesa.  Sign in at 9:00 ready to ride at 9:30.  Please let Andy know if you are able to attend.  Andy Kelley 970-260-3182.


February 10 to 11 Ride to Glenwood Springs, stay the night, enjoy the Hot Springs, ride back

Glenwood Springs Ride – We will Ride out of Buzzard Creek to Sunlight and we will make arrangements for transportation to the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and then return on Sunday the 11th.  Rooms are $269 for 2 queen beds and that includes access to the pool and breakfast.  We have a meeting room rented and we will make arrangements to have dinner catered.  You will need to have your room reserved and notify us you are going before February 3.  (970)945-3339 or www.hotspringspool.com and use code WSSA2024.  Non riders are more than welcome on this one.  Call Quint at 970-216-4925.

February 25 DATE CHANGE TO SUNDAY the 25th Vega 9:30 with Bruce and Cameron leading memorial ride for Ryan Deppe

Bruce and Cameron will lead us out of Vega on a memorial ride for Ryan Deppe.  Vega State Park OHV ready to ride at 9:30.

March 9 Meeker

Meeker Ride –  Staying at the Trailhead Cabins and Lodging in Meeker and riding out of the White River area. More information to come.

March 23 Bonham

 More information to come

April 6 Saturday Partners Ride


Ride Schedule 2022/23
December 18 Sunday - Visitor Center Parking Lot Be Ready to ride at 10:00


January 7 - Saturday Mesa Top Parking SARC training Day

 There will be a training day for all SARC members out of the Mesa Top Parking on Grand Mesa.   Sign in at 9:00 and be ready to ride at 9:30.   Please let Andy know if you are able to attend.

January 14 - Saturday - Vega OHV Parking and Christmas Party

 We will have an A ride and a B ride … all starting off from the OHV parking at Vega.   Be ready to ride at 9:30.   Afterwards we will have our post Christmas party at the Wine Country Inn in Palisade.   The party will start at 5 pm with dinner at 5:30 and our traditional While Elephant Gift Exchange after dinner.   Please let Quint know if you will be attending   970-216-4925

January 17 to 29 Dixon Wyoming

 We will stay at the Dixon Motel (307-383-2300).  Travel Friday afternoon/evening.   Ride Saturday and then again Sunday morning.   Returning home that afternoon.   Travel time is abou 3.5 hours from Grand Junction

UPDATE 1-18-23: 

Just a reminder, our Dixon ride is coming up  soon.  We will ride the 28th and 29th, retuning the 29th unless you decide to stay and ride longer on the 29th.  If you plan to go we need to get our room reservation in by Monday.  They are making dinner for us at the club across the street on Saturday night so they need to have a count.  Unless you let them know otherwise you will need to grab dinner on the way up in Meeker, Craig or Baggs.

Our ride after that will be February 4th from Buzzard Creek.

Call me if you have any questions.


February 4 Saturday - The Burn

 This ride is out of the Buzzard Creek corrals with Andy being the lead.  Be ready to ride at 10:00 and bring your lunch.

February 25 and 26 Meeker CANCELLED

 Staying at the Trailhead Cabins and Lodging in Meeker and then trailering up to the White River Area.    More information to come

March 12 Saturday - Electric Mountain Lodge from Vega 9:30 start

Several of you have been asking about a ride to Electric Mountain Lodge for lunch since they have reopened.  This Sunday is looking good for that Ride so we will move the ride on the 18th up to this Sunday the 12th.  The trails have been or will be groomed by this weekend, there is supposed to be a break in the weather Sunday and they can accommodate us.  We will leave out of the Vega State Park OHV at 9:30.  Depending on who we have we may split into an A and B ride. Let me know by Friday if you are going so I can give them a count.    UPDATE:   28 riders, snowed, Daniel had fun showing us some areas where he, nor anyone else for that matter had been!    LOTS of snow everywhere.

March 18 Saturday - Bohnam MOVED to March 12

 More information to come

April 1 Saturday Partners Ride


Ride Schedule 2021/22 Never published due to Webpage issues
Ride Schedule 2020/2021
Bohnam, March 14

We need to get another good club ride in and there is lots of snow coming this week.

Depending on what weather app you look at Sunday is either the tail end of the storm or sunny.  We will watch the weather for the next couple days and if it is going to be decent weather to ride we will have a ride out of Bohnam.  Be ready to ride at 9:30 and bring your lunch.  If it looks like bad weather we will move it to the following weekend.

I will send an update Friday night.

Hope this snow keeps coming!


The Burn, February 27

This ride will be out of the Buzzard trail head.    

 We are scheduled for a ride to the Burn with Andy this Saturday.  Be ready to ride out of the Buzzard Creek trail head at 9:30 a.m..  Pack your lunch

To get there take Highway 330 east out of Collbran to 71 4/10 Road then about a 1/2 mile to the Buzzard Creek corrals.  Turn around at the end and park back down the road on the right hand side.

If the trail head is muddy we may make some location changes so be sure and check your emails Friday night.

Any questions text or call.





Arrowhead Ride, Friday to Sunday, February 12 to 14, 2021

This ride is out of Arrowhead Lodge between Gunnison and Montrose.  Most folks will get there Friday evening and ride both Saturday and Sunday.   Remember Monday is a holiday so feel free to stay for another day of riding.   Arrowhead is a full service facility so they will be open for breakfast and lunch.   Bring your own lunch supplies for lunch on the trail.   They have given us some great prces and if we are a big enough group we will have the place to ourselves.   Call Skye to reserve your rooms or if you have any facility questions.


We will need the following information for each guest: name, address, phone number, email address, credit card (number, exp. date, name on card, ccid, zip code), whether or not there will be pets, and number of guests in the room.
Here is the assignments available:

Arrowhead Room (single king bed, adjoins Indian room){$100 per night}:

Deer Room (single king bed, adjoins Moose Room){$100 per night}:

Wolf Room (single king bed, adjoins Bear Room){$100 per night}:

Horse Room (single king bed, no adjoining room){$100 per night}:

American Room (single king bed, no adjoining room){$100 per night}:

Fishing Room (single king bed, adjoins Cowboy Room){$100 per night}:

Aspen Room (deluxe king, no adjoining room){$110 per night}:

Elk Room (king suite, 2 couches  in living area & dining area for 4, no adjoining room){$130 per night}:

Indian Room (2 queen beds, adjoins Arrowhead Room){$100 per night}:

Moose Room (2 queen beds, adjoins Deer Room){$100 per night}:

Bear Room (2 full beds, adjoins Wolf Room){$100 per night}:

Cowboy Room (2 full beds, adjoins Fishing Room){$100 per night}:

Skye Reid
Lodge Manager / Guest Services and Events Coordinator
Arrowhead Mountain Lodge, LLC
21401 Alpine Plateau Rd.
Cimarron, CO 81220


Vega Ride, Sunday January 10, 2021

Ride out of Vega to the Little Flat Tops and on depending on the snow.   We will take care of a little trail maintenance on the way – 9:00 out of Vega State ATV parking and 9:45 out of the corrals at the Wilson Creek trail head.   This will be a fairly easy ride depending on the snow.   Pack your lunch.

Ride Schedule 2019/2020
Mesa Tops Saturday December 21st
  • 9:30 out of Mesa Top Parking on the Grand Mesa.
  • Marty is going to take us on a low impact ride to check out machines and stay out of the rocks.
  • We will be back to the Alexander lodge around 1-1:30 for lunch then return to the trailers.
  • I am giving Alexander a count Saturday morning and they are offering a quick menu of pulled pork of Sausage.  If you want something else let me know Sat Morning.
  • If you can text me at 970-216-4925 and let me know you are coming so I have an idea for the lodge.
Vega Lodge January 11-12 Holiday Party (originally was 18-19 but Vega was booked up)
  • Saturday January 11th 9:30 a.m. we will start with a ride out of the Vega ATV Parking to wherever the snow is good ( bring Lunch)
  • We will return and meet up at Vega Lodge for cocktails at 5:00 (those that can’t ride can join us then) and dinner around 5:30.
  • Bring a White Elephant gift if you want to participate again.  Always fun!  (keep it under $20).
  • Choice of Salmon or Prime Rib for $21.00.  Kids can order off the kids menu.  Any special food needs we can order ahead.
  • Cabins are available if you want to ride Sunday or don’t want to drive.  Vega Lodge 970-487-3733
  • Please RSVP ASAP and let me know your choice for food .   Quint Shear
Spruce Mountain Saturday January 25 at 9:30 CHANGED to Vega
Departing out of Buzzard Creek at 9:30. Andy to lead us to explore new territory- this will be an advanced ride so make sure you bring your beacons and airbags.
Black Mesa Ride February 1 and 2
Join us for the weekend at Black Mesa Lodge with the Mcleod family for a weekend of riding or just join us for the day.  They will open the lodge for Friday and Saturday night.  $310.00 a couple with private bath and $290.00 with shared bath for two nights- breakfast Sat & Sun, Dinner Fri & Sat included.  Family up to 5 $390.00 with private bath and $360.00 with Community bath.  For reservations call Carrie at 970-640-8022 before January 24th.  If you want to just come up for the day you are welcome.  Details on where to meet up and time will be coming later.
Pinedale WY Weekend of February 14th - 17th
Spend the weekend with us riding out of Pinedale.  We will stay at the Hampton Inn north of Pinedale and will have local guides Saturday and Sunday.  Some may want to stay Monday and do a little more riding before heading home.  Jackson Hole is 1.25 hours away so some may want to spend a day shopping and seeing the sites. Room rates will be 89.00 a night and we have reserved a banquet room for a dinner on Saturday night.  For reservations call the Pinedale Hampton at 307-367-6700 and ask for the Snowskippers block rate.

THE RIDE:   Yes it was snowy.   Yes it was windy.   Yes there was a small avalanche the first day which will certainly get Danial a nomination for the Eight Ball Award.    Seventeen club members and four guests/guides.      Nice to see some new country.   A little blue sky and sun would have been nice but you just can never count on the weather.

Bonham Ride - February 29 at 9:30 am
It is our every fourth year annual LEAP YEAR ride and we are heading out of Bonham.    Be ready to ride at 9:30 am.   Guaranteed to be a fun and memorable ride.
Grand Mesa Visitors Center Ride - Sunday March 8
More details to come
Partners Ride - Saturday March 28
More details to come
Ride Schedule 2018/2019
Wilson Trail Clean Up Ride - December 15 - Meet at corrals at 9:30 am
January 5, 2019 - Buzzard to Electric Mtn Lodge for Lunch
21 riders on a blue sky morning and a storm coming in ‘flat light’ afternoon.    Quint led and we found some beautiful, no track, parks to play in as we made our way over to Electric Mtn.    Wilson was the bumpiest I’ve seen and after the ride John and Carl decided to immediately groom it.     Hamburgers and Crispy Chicken was offered at Electric for lunch and orders were delivered within 10 minutes of placing them – excellent service and so glad it is open again.
January 12, 2019 - All SARC training with Civil Air Patrol
January 19 and 20, 2019 - Out of Vega Ride with our Snow Party at the Lodge, 5:30, Sat
February 2, 2019 - To be determined based on snow conditions and mood of riders!
February 16 and 17, 2019 - Black Mesa Ride and Overnight
Absolutely a wonderful area and amazing ride led by Danial Rupp.     Cloudy and a bit snowy/windy on Saturday yet still some great country, open meadows, and flocked trees.    Sunday the sky was blue and more untouched meadows were found.    Definitely a place to return.
March 2 Buzzard Trail to The Burn then to Electric Mtn Lodge for Lunch
A bit snowy but still a great ride.   The snow was DEEP.   19 members had a fun day of seeing some beautiful country, dig some trenches, getting stuck, and laughing.   If you missed it it was definitely your loss.
Top of the World - When Conditions are Just Right
Partners Ride - March 23, 2019
Ride Schedule 2017/2018
Partners Ride - March 17, 2018 (Tentative)
Black Mesa Ride - February 23 to 25
Questions … call Quint at 970-216-4925 or Danial at 970-210-6417

Black Mesa Lodge
Carrie McLeod
Lodge Rooms:
7 Rooms with attached bathroom = $95 per room for the weekend (fri and sat nights)
6 Rooms with community bathroom = $80 for the weekend
10 Rooms in the cabin, community bathrooms = $95 for the weekend
The Rooms are first come first serve, so reserve yours now!

Meals include Dinner Friday, Breakfast Sat, Dinner Sat, Breakfast Sun = $50 per person
Bring lunches for the ride, can also use the facility to make up a lunch for yourself. We could also pot luck style a meal if interest.
There is plenty of parking, it depends on the weather, the road could be tough to get up, but should be plowed and in good shape. If you’d rather ride, you can also come in from crystal creek trailhead hear cedaredge. We could run a trailer around and up to the lodge with your gear. The ride in would be about 10 miles/20 mins.
The lodge is a bit rustic and off the grid. You may want to bring a headlamp or creature comforts.

Buzzard Ride - February 17 at 9:30
Fifteen riders, along with three young passengers, took to the snow on a beautiful blue sky Saturday.   Although the snow has been lacking this season no one was complaining … all were just thankful to have what was there.     Rumor had it Snowmass ski area had received 5 feet of snow during the past week so we headed in that direction.    There were no tracks on the way to the burn so guiding was fun and following a joy.    Stepping off one’s sled at the top was a lesson in sinking and snow depth.    How do those sled manage to stay on top?     A few of us who needed to get back to reality early turned around after lunch and headed back to Kelley Camp.    The rest went down the drop and out through the trees.    Many gathered at Kelley Camp after the ride to watch the kids tube and talk about the need for more snow.


We finally have a little snow and if you are like me you have cabin fever.  Andy Kelly has offered to lead a ride out of Buzzard Creek Saturday.  I you want to join the ride bring your lunch and be ready to ride out of the Buzzard Creek Corrals at 9:30.  To get there take Highway 330 out of Collbran to 71 4/10 Road, then turn right and go approximately 1/2 mile to the corrals(end of winter Maint.)

Kebler/Ohio Pass - Outside of Paonia

Not enough snow for a good ride on the Mesa yet but our Safari leader has been doing some recon and found some snow at a secret place outside of Paonia (see Facebook for pictures),  He is going to lead a trip up there this Saturday (January 20).  If you want to join us bring your lunch and meet at the Park and Ride at the Intersection off 32 Road and Hwy 50 at 7:00 Sat morning.  Hope you can join us .

Any questions call Quint at 970-216-4925 or Daniel at 970-210-6417.

Ride Schedule for 2016/2017
January 29, 2017 - Powder Park - Buzzard Creek Trailhead - Sunday
Who knows who will be leading this ride ..perhaps Dave ‘I’d Rather Be on the Ocean’ Bagg.    Whoever it is be ready for a wild and adventurous time.  The hills are steep, the snow deep and the valleys narrow.
February 4, 2017 - Glade Park - Saturday
If the snow fairies do their thing this will be an awesome ride.   AND they did do their thing because there is lots of snow this year so this should make for an incredibly awesome ride.  We have a well known Glade Park tour guide (the famous guide Warren).   To get to where we will meet head straight past the Glade Park store.   As soon as you get off the pavement that will be 5.7 Road.   There is a small parking lot on the corner.    Departing at 9:30!
February 12, 2017 - Grand Mesa - Bonham Trailhead - Sunday
Once again Quint ‘Never the Same Place Twice’ Shear will head out over the Grand Mesa and show the group some untracked parks and playgrounds.   Since this is Bonham be sure to check back for any trailhead changes.
February 17 - 20, 2017 - Afton WY - Kodiak Mtn Resort
Join the caravan as we head north to explore some amazing countryside.   Dave and Andy have ridden this area many times in the past and are now ready to show it off to club members.    It is about a 7 hours drive for a normal driver (probably 3 if you are crazy fast like Dave).   We’ll use Friday and Monday as travel days and ride both Saturday and Sunday.
Check it out at www.Kodiakmountainresort.com
Make your reservation now by calling Jason at 307-885-8800.    Small cabins are $139.   If 5 or more are booked using the SnowSkipper name we’ll get $10 off per night.
February 25 - 26, 2017 - Glenwood Springs - Being Discussed
March 18, 2017 - Partners Ride - Grand Mesa - Saturday
This will be the date if it works for everyone; if the snow is good; if the kids are willing; and if the stars align just right!
January 2, 2017 - The Burn - Buzzard Creek Trailhead - Monday
Although many of us have been on this ride before we can all agree that no two rides are ever the same.    Can you picture the section where many of us have sat … either stuck or in fear of being stuck?     Yet once you break open at the top it is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ride.   Andy ‘Pathfinder’ Kelley will attempt to keep us all together.   Dave promises if the snow condition permits it we will also DROP (what the heck does that mean) into Powder Park.    I say be prepared to spend the night!
January 7, 2017 - Grand Mesa Trails - Vega Dam Lot - Saturday
By now the snow should be great!   Bob and Di ‘Yes this is our backyard’ Beltz will lead the group on a trail ride.   One never knows which trail they will take or what direction they will head – it all depends on that white fluffy stuff.    What we do know for sure is that we’ll be back at the trailhead around 3:30 and then we will be heading over to Vega Lodge for dinner.    So if you can’t make the ride think about making the dinner.
January 15, 2017 - Grand Mesa - Vega - Sunday
Quint ‘You Still With Me’ Shear isn’t a big believer in trails.   He makes his own tracks and goes where he damn well pleases.  Join this ride and you’ll see where he and his sled feel like heading for the day.


Twenty Two riders on this ride up Leon and then over, around, through, and down Wilson.    Blue sky, Deep Snow, Great Weather … perfect day with a perfect group of people and then a perfect dinner afterwards at Vega Lodge.

Ride Schedule for 2015/2016 - Been there, done that .... some historical notes
November 22, 2015 - SARC Equipment Check
Sunday SARC equipment check 10:00 am until noon at the Sheriff’s Office Training Room.
December 12, 2015 - Vega - Saturday
Bob and Di will show off their beautiful surroundings and find us some early snow to wet our appetite for the season.  Early season enthusiasts will depart from the Vega dam parking lot at 9:30.    Remember if you park there you’ll need a parking sticker.    The other option is to park at the corrals at the other end and ride to the parking lot.    AFTER THE RIDE ends we all want to meet for an early dinner at the Vega Lodge to talk about who got stuck, how the new machines performed and how amazing this season is going to turn out.
This trip was moved to December 19th due to … I believe … a lack of snow.   Yet within one week snow arrived.   Unfortunately I wasn’t on the trip so I can’t report much.    With Di leading it had to have been fun.   I bet a few stucks and some new sleds out there getting their ski’s wet.
December 27, 2015 - THE BURN - Sunday
Departing out of Buzzard Creek at 9:30 Andy will guide us, in his own unique fashion, to the most incredible vista of mountains and valleys.   If you have never been to The Burn you have never seen Colorado at its finest.    Once we take in the view we head along the very edge down the scariest little patch of trail to an amazing grove of aspen trees.    Andy boasts he has never lost anyone over the edge.    A ride you won’t want to miss.
The morning started off at -12 degrees and frankly there was hope it wasn’t actually going to take place!   Yet 11 snow skippers joined up with us 4 Kelley camp campers and rode to the to top of the Burn.    Then down the narrow passage where one often feels as though they might not live.    Everyone made it down and then …. well… poor Dale.   You’ll have to come to the meeting to hear more.
January 9, 2016 - Grand Mesa - Saturday - Changed to HWY 141 and Divide Road
Departing from the Bonham trail head (remember to take the longest lasting detour in history up 57 1/2 road) at 9:30 am Quint will show off his leadership skills by taking the group up, over, down, and through the area.   When Quint is leading everyone, regardless of skill, is guaranteed to have a memorable time.
Ride was moved to the Uncompahgre where Warren guided the large group to areas we’d never seen.   Many riders reported never seeing Warren either as he kept way out in front scouting.     Quint and Dave enjoyed their attempts to keep the riders together and their successes of digging stuck sleds out of holes (only to have them drive into the hole again).
January 23, 2016 - Powder Park - Saturday
If you are officially one of the recognized BIG BOYS this EXPERTS ONLY ride is for you.   The guys are trying to once again experience a ride which took place on a blue sky day when the conditions were just perfect.     The brave souls will depart out of Buzzard Creek at 9:30, with their spots and avalanche beacons, for this worthwhile ride.
Twenty two riders on a blue sky day headed out to discover the beauty of the areas.    A few clutch issues later and a dead sled were the low points but the high points fair outweighed them.
January 29 - 31, 2016 Women's Avalanche 1 Class - Vega Lodge - CANCELED
If it saves your life it is worth the $340 investment to take this highly regarded class by the Silverton Avalanche School.   For more information go to http://avyschool.com/ .    For Lodging information go to http://www.vegalodge.com/Lodging.html
February 6, 2016 - Alexander Lodge - Saturday
Everyone needs to participate in this amazing fundraiser for local cancer fighters.   Hosted by Sonya and Amanda this first ever BRAAAP ride to give back.    This will most likely be the most talked about ride of the season.   Additional details soon.   If you have a potential conflict (like going to visit your mother-in-law) and need more details now call Sonya at 216-7109.


Sonya is an incredible rider, an incredible person, and an incredible fund raiser for a great cause.     This first time family event attracted over twenty participants who enjoyed the blue sky day, the fun snow, and the friendship which naturally occurs around such events.

The kids had a great time selling raffle tickets to anyone and everyone for great prizes.    The silent auction had lots of great items in which to bid.

When the day was over Sonya had over $2200 to donate to Delaney Donates.

Thanks Sonya for the fun event and all the work which went into making it such a success.

February 12 - 14, 2016 - Hahn's Peak/Steamboat - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Our third year of exploring and discovering this vast area.   Once again we will be staying at the Glen Eden Resort where cabins are available for rent (call Toni today at 1-800-882-0854 or 970-879-3907 for reservations – (13 small 2 bed cabins are on hold).   This resort also has gas and supplies.    Restaurant will be open for our stay.  (NOT)
54737 County Road 129, Clark Colorado.     Many of us drive up Friday, some even ride that day.   Big ride is Saturday departing at 9:30.    The die-hearts will ride again on Sunday.  
Thirty three snowmobiles headed off from the Columbine trail head in overcast skies to tour the country side.   Chuck Hogue, a member and Steamboat guy too, guided us around the mountains and parks.     Scratchers went down and came up as we deal with some hard groomed trails. Apparently the weekend before the snow was incredible but the weather was incredible all week which made for hard snow.
February 27, 2016 - Grand Mesa - Saturday
Basically a repeat ride of January 9th but surely with a twist.   As all snowmobilers know, no two rides are ever the same.   Departing at 9:30 am at the Bonham trail head Quint will once again amaze us with finding just the right trails, parks, and valleys to play in.
March 6, 2016 - Flat Tops - Sunday
Has Marty ever disappointed us when he has lead us through this vast wilderness?    He has a way of sniffing out those track free parks just awaiting us.   Naturally you want to come prepared as we never know how far he will take us … so bring gas if your machines gulps it like beer.    Plan for over 60 miles of riding on this hopefully beautiful day.   Head to the West Elk trail head for a 9:30 am departure for this fun and adventuresome ride.
March 19, 2016 - SARC Training at Vega
March 26, 2016 - Top of the Mesa - Saturday - Change in Date
This is our annual Partners ride where the club takes kids on a ride they will always fondly remember.   We let them experience the sport we are so passionate about and end with a fun BBQ.    Details to come.
Ride Schedule for 2014/2015 Highlights for Reminiscing
November 15, 2014 - SARC Equipment Check
Saturday SARC equipment check 9:00 am at Andy’s office.  Then Allens Unique Auto for lunch 11:00 – 1:00
The group is as enthusiastic as always and ready to head out to save some unfortunate lost soul at a moment’s notice.   Most everyone attended the morning session regarding radios and then headed over to Allen’s Unique Auto for an impressive THANK YOU luncheon put on by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department.    
December 7, 2014 - Snowskippers Christmas Party
 Snowskippers Christmas Party / Dinner @ Andy’s NEW Shop 1074 24 Rd.  Bring a gift under $20.00 for the Gag gift exchange.  6:00 to 10:00  Dinner is catered by Jessi and the girls (Alexis and Kaylee)  
GREAT party ….the food was tasty, the venue was nice, but it was the PEOPLE who made the party.   Over 60 members came out to visit, drink, eat, talk snowmobiles, talk snow, talk rides, share memories and generally have a great time.    The white elephant gift exchange was a hoot.   I personally thought the Bathroom Plunger Christmas tree was quite creative.   Unfortunately The Clapper wound up in our house … watch for it to possibly appear again next year!!!  
December 13, 2014 - Electric Mountain Lodge - changed to Dec 20 due to lack of snow
Bob and Di  will lead us on an early trail ride from Vega dam parking lot (need parking sticker).  Departing at 9:30 to Electric Mountain Lodge for lunch (depending on snow levels). Good time to check out all your new stuff and enjoy your old stuff too.
GREAT first ride of the season … 22 riders with a couple of new members joining in the fun.   The biggest surprise was the SNOW.   As one member was overheard to comment, “Way better snow and day than I thought it would be”.     Di lead the group from Bonham over to Alexander Lake Lodge for a late lunch.    Many of us had not been that way in years (and remembered why as we hit the bumps on the trail as we got closer to Alexander – a popular area with numerous cabins).    See pictures for the “whole” story!
December 28, 2014 - The Burn
THE BURN Departing out of Buzzard Creek at 9:30 am.  
Thirty-one riders, lots of smiles, numerous ski tugs, a few deep holes left after dug outs, thousands of snowflakes, trees too magical to describe, powder to play in – all made for a memorable club ride.   Unfortunately Dave Bagg was not seen stuck so the contest continues.  Marshal Gore was in from ASU and enjoying time away from the sun.    Derrick, new member from Montrose, found the snow amazing.    Andy, our leader, reminiscenced about the way Royal Collard could lead a ride.    Hard to accomplish a perfect ride for all levels without team participation.  Kelley, home from DU, helped his uncle keep everyone upright and moving.   
January 4, 2015 - Bonham Ride - Sunday
Bonham Ride Departing at 9:30 am.  We will head out on a cross country ride over the Mesa.  Herb to lead.
Twenty-two riders headed up Bonham road with both Herb Else and Dave Bagg leading at different times.    Again a few new faces and riders which we as a club absolutely love.    The skies were a bit overcast and the light a bit flat but the ride was a blast.
January 17 - 18, 2015 - Ripple Creek and the Flat Tops
A weekend trip up to Ripple Creek (Meeker Area ) for a ride in an area the club use to access from Sleepy Cat.  10:00 am departure from the Ripple Creek parking lot.  Over night if you would like to ride the flat tops on Sunday, or just come for the day, either one, or both days.
Twenty-two riders day one who rode hard enough to be able to call it a weekend.    Five others apparently didn’t ride hard enough and had to stay for an extra day to get their fill in.    Blue sky, sunshine, white “go anywhere” snow … which even allowed a few of us to “go on our sides”.    Troy from the Steamboat club was our guide on Saturday and showed us a bit of new territory plus some “follow me, oh this isn’t the trail, turn around, now go this way, no, this isn’t it either” adventures.    Sunday the “experts” guided themselves and one even got rid of his GPS (unintentionally) in a roll over maneuver.  
January 31, 2015 - Powder Park - Pre Superbowl Ride
Powder Park   This is an expert ride.  Departing at 9:30.  We will be leaving out of Buzzard Creek.   Also this is an extreme avalanche area.  Just follow Dave ( no pictures please). 
CANCELLED due to conditions …. warm, muddy, visibility.      
February 13 - 15, 2015 - Glen Eden Resort
This is a new venue and the riding was good last year.  We are just trying a new resort.  Cabins and condo accommodations as well as a lounge and restaurant.  Also Glen Eden has a store with diesel, gas and supplies.   Please make a reservations as soon as possible with Toni.
I think most will drive up on Friday for a departure Saturday at 9:30 am 54737 County Rd. 129 Clark, CO 1 800 882-0854     1 970 879-3907

Twelve cabins, thirty six riders, including one chiropractor and less one sick disappointed young man, one equally disappointed mom and an injured orthopedic surgeon … all in search of snow!  The talented Chuck Hogue, a fourth generation Routt county native and current club member, lead us all around the country side.    Although the snow was lacking the sky was blue and the scenery was breath taking.    Day Two a few dropped, a few joined (Angela Barnes fun loving daughter who celebrated her 22nd birthday with us, along with two of her friends) and 26 riders went in search of snow towards the west.    We found it in WY and had a blast.    Chuck found us untracked, fresh snow and we actually saw little white things drop from the sky … something we hadn’t seen in a long time.
February 28, 2015 - Grand Mesa - Saturday
Bonham Trail Head departing at 9:30 am.   The club will head out on a cross country ride over the Mesa with Quint leading.   Hmmm, the webmaster is behind on updates and will just have to make something up.    Nice ride, nice people, nice leader, a little muddy at the trail head.
March 8, 2015 - Flat Tops - West Elk - Sunday
Flat Tops – West Elk Trail Head.   West Elk trail head  9:30 departure.  For those of you who need gas for more than 60 miles of riding you should bring some.   Marty to lead.   Changed to Grand Mesa after a nice little storm laid a bit of snow down and members were thinking it was nuts to head down the highway when there was some decent snow on the Mesa.    A fun ride, lead by John, well maybe kind of.    John was ready, he had studied the maps and was ready for his ride.    However, a lost snowmobiler got in the way and the group went into SEARCH AND RESCUE mode and dropped John.    Maybe next year he can try again.
March 21, 2015 - Partners Ride
Proposed date for Partners ride  Nine happy kids, probably about 16 happy snowskippers, a bag of hot dogs, a nice fire, and a great end to the season.    Although the snow was a bit hard the sky was blue and the sun was shining.    A great day to head out towards Lands End for a spectacular view and back for a tasty lunch.    Once the partners kids loaded up and headed down, a few beers were opened and members sat around enjoying life in general.   Already plans were being made for rides the following season.
Ride Schedule of 2013/2014 - Proof we are a club who is adventureous and explores
Listing of all our rides for 2013/2014
 December 8th Sunday     Snowskippers Christmas Party / Dinner @ Clarion Inn 755 Horizon Dr.   Bring a gift under $20.00 for the Gag gift
exchange.  6:00 to 10:00    
 REPORT:  GREAT time attended by over 50 members – thanks Jessie 



December 14th Saturday      Bob & Di  will lead us on an early trail ride from Vega dam parking lot (need parking                     sticker) Departing at 9:30 to Electric Mtn. Lodge for lunch, depending on snow levels. Good time to check out all your new stuff.
                                            REPORT:  Fun, and challenging ride, breaking out Monument Creek and making way to Electric Mtn Lodge for a 
                                            fantastic lunch.   Group of 34 riders split up after lunch – some down Buzzard Creek and up Stillwater while others
                                            enjoyed back tracking some and then heading across untracked parks on the Flat Tops.   THanks Bob and Di

 December 15th Sunday   All SARC training at Vega.  
                                            REPORT:   Members of the Ground Pounders got a taste of snowmobile transport and riding on this beautiful and 
                                                 educational day.    SARC practiced their avalanche beacon skills and helicopter landing skills too.    Thanks to
                                                 Stephan & RoseAnne for grilling enough burgers for feed a hungry crew plus baking some delicious brownies.

December 29th Sunday        THE BURN Departing out of Buzzard Creek at 9:30
                                           REPORT:    28 riders were fortunate enough to break trail up to The Burn.    The group split up at No Good
                                           Park and headed in a couple directions.     Dave was given grief for misplacing a couple of his group – thanks to
                                           radio contact and radio relay the guys were in touch, reunited and had a broke down sled.   Dave had the
                                           honor (joy?) of towing the sled all the way back to the trailhead.     Nice job everyone.

January 5th Sunday              Bonham Ride Departing at 9:30 am  we will head out on a cross country ride over the Mesa,
REPORT:   It was the coldest ride ever remembered by the 14 members who rode from Bonham to Electric Mountain.    Dale commented “No one got stuck because it was too cold, I mean bone chilling cold, to get stuck.”     My comment would be if you did get stuck wouldn’t you warm up by all the exertion of trying to get unstuck?    Rumor has it when lunch was over, part of a game watched in front of the fire, even the dire hard sledders were making excuses to go back out into the weather – by then the wind was whipping the snow off the roofs and coming down.     At least there was some new snow up there.

January 17th- 19th               Amber Holt Weekend for those of you that are going to  attend.  Quint will have further information

                                             REPORT:   Blue sky and we all learned that we should be Looking Up at it as we ride!!!!    Lots of good tips and information shared by Amber and now it is up to all of us students to see if we can change some old habits.    As Dave Bagg said “We are now all “CHICK APPROVED”.    

February 1st Saturday          Pre Super Bowl Ride Powder Park  (moved to Bonham due to extreme avalanche conditions (at the top of the world, not at Bonham!!!)  Blue skies and near epic powder … about a dozen A+ riders headed to Bonham and took advantage of the day.   Amanda confidently represented the female race while many of us girls stayed home and watched the “Schooled” video series and practiced “looking up”.   Andy felt it was time for club member to experience a monumental stuck fest so he intentionally started one by getting stuck up a tree.  His goal was achieved when numerous riders attempted to come to his aid and got stuck trying.   (Amanda, however, was smart and started her own private stuck fest up another tree and out of the way – go girl).    Quint had what can only be described as “the stuck of all stucks”, very manly, and if you want he hear more you need to come to February’s meeting.    Arnie celebrated the end of the day by performing an unmanned wheelie off the hill and into the parking lane.    Sounds like fun was had by all and a few 8 ball nominations will be forthcoming (see slide show of day on photo tab).

February 8th           Out of Vega, Wilson Creek trail – Little Flat Tops  (originally changed fm Chama ride, now changed fm Ripple Creek)
                               It was predicted the snow would be good and deep and it did not disappoint.  Twenty club members headed up to experience the deep powder and fortunately 20 members returned.    Seems like getting stuck, and I don’t mean just stuck but STUCK, was the theme of the day.     A few pictures have been posted because words just can’t describe the depth of those creek bottom stucks!!!   

February 15 –           A family ride out to Land’s end with Quint guiding the group.     Sounds like about 20 lucky riders participated and had a great time.  Thanks to Quint for listening to member feedback and putting together this ride for the club.                                             

February 22nd Saturday     Hahns Peak Roadhouse (changed from Ripple Creek)
 This is a new venue and the riding should be good.   Cabins and Bunkhouse accommodations as well as a lounge
and restaurant, also has a store with diesel, gas and supplies.    Twenty-six sleds, two days, deep snow, zero visibility (at times), maps out occasionally, smiles all around – Routt National Forest and surrounding areas are beautiful.    We sat on top of a couple wind blown peaks, we buzzed through some incredibly open parks, we squeezed through some trees, and we had a great time.   Snowed on Saturday yet the blue sky opened up for us on Sunday.     Perhaps we’ve found a replacement for our sadly missed annual Sleepy Cat ride.   Thanks Rob and George for suggesting the area and leading us around.    Great weekend.

March 8th Saturday             Flat Tops   West Elk Trail Head.   9:30 departure.  For those of you who need gas for more than 60 miles of
                                                riding you should bring some.

March 22nd Saturday           Proposed date for Partners ride